Lab Members

We work on community ecology and ecosystem function in a range of systems.

Abby Davis

PhD candidate (with Rader Lab)

I received a B.S. in Entomology with distinction in research and a minor in fungal biology at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. At Cornell, I completed an honours project on the potential for Eristalis (Diptera: Syrphidae) flower flies to vector fecal-orally transmitted bee parasites. At UNE, I am researching the efficiency of fly pollinators in Australian horticultural crops. 

General interests: Insect pollinators, pollinator health, disease ecology and fungal biology

Twitter: @notsocrabbyabby

Emma Goodwin

PhD candidate (with Rader Lab & Andrews Lab)

I am a PhD student investigating the diversity of flower-visiting invertebrate and vertebrate species on berry crops and adjacent native bushland. I am interested in determining the quantity and quality of nectar resources that these species use to explore interactions between pollinators and plants both on-farm and off. My aim is to determine the benefits and trade-offs of these interactions that occur across the wider landscape context.

Twitter: @emma_goodwin17

Karen Santos

PhD candidate (with Rader Lab)

I am very interested in understanding plant-pollinator interactions. As a PhD student at UNE, my research aims to understand pollen flow patterns, heterospecific pollen deposition and the implications for crop systems.

Twitter: @cristinekaren

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