About Manu

Twitter: @ManuSaunders

Instagram: @ecologyisnotadirtyword

I am a community ecologist based at the University of New England, Australia. I work on a range of problems and systems to understand the links between ecological patterns and ecosystem services in multifunctional landscapes, where nature, agriculture, and people interact.

Insects are my main taxa of interest. They are critical to ecosystem function and are the most abundant and diverse group of animals on Earth. Only about 30% of the world’s insect species are known to science, and there is very little information available about most of these species. I also work with various plants, vertebrates, and microorganisms that insects interact with.

I am passionate about natural history and interdisciplinary research, both fundamental to ecological science and conservation. I am a professional science communicator and support a #scicomm-friendly lab.

Other sites:

I blog at Ecology is not a dirty word.

I co-founded Wild Pollinator Count, Australia’s first national citizen science project focused on raising awareness about wild pollinators.

Recent papers

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